Victoria, Texas


Wanda Logan

Chinese Products with Melamine Continue to Cause Deaths of Animals

Chinese products containing the chemical melamine continue to cause deaths of animals. It is believed that melamine is being added to products to artifically raise nitrogen levels which makes the…

Will Sciba

Health Concerns Due to Benzene Exposure at Chemical Plant

When one chemical company sues another for environmental contamination, it is easy for the workes whho worked at the plant to get lost in the mix. The is a particularly vexing problem when the…

Shannon Weidemann

Chemical Exposure at Pool Sends 14 to Hospital in Oregon

People in the pool area at the Portland Embassy Suites in Oregon started experiencing nausea, vomitting, and having a hard time breathing. Emergency crews were called in to help treat the victims and investigate a possible chemical exposure. 14 people were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Fourteen of the patients were transported to five nearby hospitals. There is no further…

Shannon Weidemann

Fumes at Washington Mall Send 37 People to Hospital

Shoppers at a Spokane mall complained of exposure to chemicals that caused them to fill ill on Sunday. Firefighters were called to the scene to help and investigate.Witnesses tell KREM 2 News the fumes were concentrated on the east side of the mall, by the old Gap store. Several people were taken to the hospital for symptoms that caused a scratchy throat or closure of the throat. Holy Family…