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Harsh Method to Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed After Death

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The New York Times has reported that Anthrax Suspect, Bruce Ivans, used a creative, albeit terroristic, method of ensuring his wishes with respect to the dispostion of his remains be honored. His Will states that “[i]f my remains are not cremated and my ashes are not scattered or
spread on the ground, I give to Planned Parenthood of Maryland” the sum of $50,000. His wife is a devout Catholic and according to church teaching, one’s ashes are to be buried in sacred ground and not scattered. So Mr. Ivans, a right to life activist, is forced to chose between honoring her husband’s wishes or having a large portion of her husband’s $143,000 estate pass to an organization whose views on abortion are in direct opposition to hers. She has decided to dispose of his remains as her husband wished.